10 feb -15 junio

Sydney Children,s Hospital.
High street, Randwick.
NSW 2031 Australia.

Pala Hoyos.

I am a collector of paper

A hunter of posters on city walls,

A digger of magazines and old newspapers,

An explorer of the worlds behind fonts and words

A recycler of textures

That I reclaim and transform into magical worlds.

The Circus of Birds is a playful collection of collages created from paper and other mixed media, inspired by the spontaneous acrobatics of free city birds as they fly by my window, performing and playing. The birds make me laugh. They fly in my head and my spirit, inviting me to join them. The Circus of Birds is the story of our flights together.

La magia viene del corazon. 
25 x 25cm, collage 2009
 by Pala Hoyos
Poesia en el aire.45 x 45 cm
Triplemente divertido.
collage. 60 cm x 30 cm.
For sale

Equilibrium magic.

Equilibrio magico, 40 x 70cm.
Pala Hoyos.

Sounds from the soul.
Sonidos del alma, 25 x30 cm,
by Pala Hoyos.

Jumping on the ball

Brincos en la bola, 45x 45 cm
Pala Hoyos

Amazing! Flying!!!

Increible !!! Volando!! 45 x45cm collage and acrillic.
Pala Hoyos

Swinging on a finger. (sold)

Balanciado sobre un dedo, 45 x 45 cm.
Pala hoyos.

Balanced for love.Balanciados por el amor, 
45 x 45 cm, collage and acrilic.
Pala Hoyos
Compartiendo colores.Mi mision es repartir colores de alegria.

For sale

Benjamin 45 x 45 cm.
Collage and acrilyc
Pala Hoyos.

The wheels are my best legs.

Las ruedas son mis mejores piernas. 30 x 40 cm.
Pala Hoyos


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Graphic Design Diploma, TAFE Wollongong. Printing & Graphic Art Certificate II, TAFE Ultimo, Sydney, 2006. Children’s Book Illustration, University of Sydney, August 2004. Interior Design. Higher Academy of Art, Medellin, Colombia, 1998.